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GMT 2.590 kr

Gin, tonic syrup, pineapple liqueur, tonka tincture

Candy Shop 2.590 kr.

I ́ll have you spending all you got.

Lemongrass vodka, vanilla, fassionola, almonds, chocolate, candy meringue foam


Walk of Shame 2.590 kr.

This last drink is to blame.

Tequila, aperol, peach, watermelon, lychee & rose


Tropicolada 2.590 kr.

Makes it ok to wear sunglasses inside.

Bacardi Cuatro Rum, lemongrass vodka, vanilla, coconut & pineapple, yuzu


Have a Grape Day 2.590 kr.

All you need for a great day in one glass.

Vodka, watermelon, grapefruit, yuzu


Fashion Killa 2.590 kr.

Are you a trendy drinker?

Tequila, apricot, fassionola, rose water, lychee


This Sh** Is Bananas 2.790 kr.


Bacardi Cuatro rum, orange, banana, almonds, pineapple, yuzu