We are really excited to be able to offer Wagyu beef straight from Japan.



Wagyu beef ribeye 90 g   4.990 kr.

Grilled Wagyu ribeye, smoked mushrooms,
yuzu glace, black root

Wagyu Tataki   4.690 kr.

Wagyu ribeye tataki , truffle mayo
and amazu ponzu

Torched tuna and fat from wagyu beef nigiri   1.590 kr.

Two pieces tuna nigiri with burned wagyu fat
and teryaki sauce

Wagyu nigiri   1.890 kr.

Two pieces grilled wagyu beef nigiri,
salt and pepper


Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef is world renowned for its premium quality. What makes it special is the highly marbled texture and delicious taste.

The meat we use is rated grate 5 marble ratio and is sourced from 100% fullblood Japanese Black Cattle, born and reared in Japan. The cattle have been specially raised in the beautiful area of Gunma prefecture, north west of Tokyo, using carefully selected feed, pure water and clean air.

The wagyu meat is available for a short period of time.

Well worth the try ….