A.W. cocktails



Snow White 2.690 kr.

Sweet balanced and tropical, the perfect pre-drink

Reyka vodka, pineapple, yuzu, passion fruit, vanilla, egg white


Gljúfrabotn 2.790 kr.

A bitter-sweet taste of Iceland

Himbrimi Gin, elderflower, crowberry, thyme, birch


Rósalegur 2.590 kr.

Roses are red, violets are blue, this drink is pink. Now Shut up and drink!

Beefeater Pink gin, almonds, rose water, soda


Nihongo Sour 2.690 kr.

Jim Beam bourbon, peach, plum, yuzu, egg white




Winter Crush 2.590 kr.

You ́ll never get over it.

Blueberry vodka, blueberries, coconut, thyme


Chili Passion 2.590 kr.

Everybody is passionate about somethings, most people about this drink.

Vanilla vodka, butterscotch, passion fruit, chili