Small courses

Snacks & Bites

Fried edamame beans 1.590 kr.

Japanese soybeans, lime, coriander, chili, lime

Truffle garden potatos 1.590 kr.

Cheese, truffle mayo

Warm potato salad 1.590 kr.

Bacon, spring onions, pickled red onions, jalapeno

Avocado fries 1.790 kr.

Chili jam, lime

Veggie Tempura 1.590 kr.

Mixed vegetable, garlic aioli

Lobster tempura 3.290 kr.

Spicy mayo

Crunchy lobster cigar 1.890 kr.

Chorizo, dates, chili jam


Spinach side salad 1.790 kr.

Tomatoes, parmesan, miso, truffle sauce

Salmon ceviche 2.790 kr.

Passion leche de tigre, sweet potato, dragon fruit, coconut

Social style beef carpaccio 2.990 kr.

Duck liver paté, pine nuts, Castello cheese, onion ponzo, birch syrup

Beef tataki 2.890 kr.

Ponzu, garlic chips, spring onion, onion ponzu

Minke whale tataki 2.790 kr.

Date purée, wakame and teriyaki

Smoked Puffin 2.890 kr.

Blueberries, croutons, goat cheese, beet root

Summer roll 1.790 kr. v

Avocado, coriander, pumpkin, hazelnut spread, rice noodles, mango



Samba grill


Grilled asparagus 1.990 kr. v

Grilled asparagus with lemon and toasted sesame seeds

Grilled octopus 2.990 kr.

Chorizo apple vinaigrette, sweet potato purée

Japanese BBQ Baby Back Ribs 2.990 kr.

Slow cooked baby back ribs glaced with BBQ sauce with crispy spring roll wrapper

Chicken Yakitori 3.190 kr.

Grilled chicken thighs, yakitori sauce, leeks, slow cooked egg, amazu ponzu, fried mushrooms, bean sprouts

King crab 3.990 kr.

Spicy mayo, chili panko, lemon

Duck breast 3.290 kr.

Pumpkin purée, oyster mushrooms, amazu ponzu and mizo demi glaze

– change to a vegan dish 2.690 kr. v

Pumpkin steak instead of duck breast