Icelandic Feast

Amazing 7 course menu which combines Iceland’s best produce with Japanese and South American cuisine.
The menu is only served for the entire table.

Starts with a shot of the Icelandic national spirit “Brennivín“



Smoked puffin with blueberries, croutons, goat cheese, beet root

Minke whale

Date purée, wakame and teriaky

“Torched“ arctic charr

Cucumber, truffle ponzu vinaigrette and yuzu mayo

Icelandic roll – 4 pcs

Gravlax roll with Brennivín (Icelandic traditional Snaps) and dill. Avókadó, mango, cucumber, dill mayo, rye bread crumble


Slow cooked redfish, avocado purée, apple and dill tapioca, shallot onion, green celery


Free range Icelandic lamb leg steak

Slow cooked leeks, demi glaze, baked carrot

And to end on a high note …

Icelandic Skyr

Skyr infused with birch, berries, white chocolate crumble, and sorrel granite

Price:  8.990 kr. pr. person